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Riso India Private Limited

  • Company Status
  • Company Age 25 years 5 months
  • Last Filing with ROC 31 Mar 2023
  • Authorised Capital ₹6.30 cr
  • Paid Up Capital ₹6.30 cr
  • Sum of Charges -


Riso India Private Limited (RIPL) is a leading Private Limited Indian Non-Government Company incorporated in India on 18 June 1998 and has a history of 25 years and five months. Its registered office is in ...

Key Info

Basic Data Updated: 15 days ago

Company No.094562
Company ClassificationPrivate Limited Indian Non-Government Company
Incorporation Date18 Jun 1998
Date of AGM28 Sep 2023
Date of Balance Sheet31 Mar 2023
Listing StatusUnlisted
ROC CodeRoc-Delhi

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There are no open charges registered against the company as per our records.

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  • Riso India Private Limited

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    South Delhi, Delhi, India

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Riso India Private Limited

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Recent activity within the organization

  • 28 Sep 2023

    Annual General Meeting

    Riso India Private Limited last Annual general meeting of members was held on 28 Sep 2023 as per latest MCA records.
  • 31 Mar 2023

    Balance Sheet

    Riso India Private Limited has filed its annual Financial statements for the year ended 31 Mar 2023 with RoC-Delhi.
  • 23 Aug 2019

    Director Appointment

    Toshihiko Kawatsu was appointed as a Director was appointed as a Director on 23 Aug 2019 & has been associated with this company since 4 years 3 months .
  • 18 Jun 1998

    Company Incorporation

    Riso India Private Limited was registered on 18 Jun 1998 with RoC-Delhi & aged 25 years 5 months as per MCA records.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Incorporation or founding date of Riso India Private Limited?

Riso India Private Limited was incorporated 25 years 5 months ago on 18 Jun 1998 with Registrar of Companies RoC-Delhi.

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