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Get Indian Companies & Directors'
data on your fingertips in
four simple steps

Get Indian Companies & Directors' data on your fingertips in four simple steps
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The Company Check Search

Search for your company and get all the required information and reports to analyze all the factors related to financials, legal and people.

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Check for Company Legal Cases

Check for Company Legal Cases

Get lists of all mapped cases filed by or against the organization in the District Courts, High Courts and Supreme Court of India.


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Enhance your business prospects by claiming your company and get access to your company page. Add contact details, references and other vital information to bring authencity to your business and attract customers.

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Check for Company Compliances

Check for Company Compliances

View the annual and event-based compliances filed by Indian Companies before making business decisions


Advance Features on The Company Check

Legal Cases

View lists of all legal cases filed by and against Indian Companies in Indian Courts

  • Pending Cases
  • Respondent Cases
  • Disposed Cases
  • District & High Court Cases
  • Petitioner Cases
  • Supreme Court Cases

People & Contacts

Get an overview of the significant people and signatories of Indian Companies

  • Extensive Search Filters
  • People Timeline
  • Signatory Details
  • Contact Details
  • Auditor Details
  • Signatory Period

Company Financial Details

Gain an understanding into the risk and financial position of Indian Companies

  • Up to 4 years Financial Summary
  • Related Party Transactions
  • Profit and Loss Statements
  • Financial Ratios
  • Detailed Charge Summary
  • Financial Parameters

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