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Explore Director’s profiles, timelines, and their ties with other companies and much more from The Company Check’s pool of data

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Explore Director’s profiles, timelines, and their ties with other companies and much more from The Company Check’s pool of data

Search for a Director on The Company Check and get full details including the Director Profile, Insights, Appointments, Total Directorship and the Director timeline.


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FAQ's on Director Search

Why should I perform a Director Search?

A director search helps you in making informed business decisions.A simple search as this provides you with an insight into the company’s management who are running the company.

To perform a Director Search do I need to know the company’s name?

No, you simply need to enter the name of the Director in the Search bar which will display the complete information like DIN, date of appointment, names of companies where the individual holds directorships and more.

How many directorships can a person hold?

A person can be director of not more than 20 companies provided that he is not holding the director’s office in more than 10 public companies.

How many directors can a company appoint?

The company can appoint a maximum of 15 directors. More directors can be appointed in a company by passing a special resolution.

Is it mandatory for a director of a company to have DIN and a DSC?

It is mandatory for a Director to have a hold a DIN (Director Identification Number), though DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) is not mandatory but advisable if the person has a DIN.