About Us

About The Company Check

The Company Check is a leading business information provider that provides real-time data and tools that makes it easier for companies of all sizes to see the bigger picture when making sound decisions. We deliver reliable and relevant insights for improving sales efficiency within your organization with just one access to one comprehensive platform.

“Our mission is to empower every organization with intelligent software that revolutionizes the way we all work. To help organizations from different sectors and industries seamlessly incorporate business intelligence into their operations."

What we do

Gather and capture relevant company and financial information in real-time from reliable and authentic sources.

Using our natural language processing and machine learning technology, we clean and organize the data so that it can be used more effectively.

Our quality assurance team vet every piece of data before it reaches you, ensuring that you never receive anything but excellence from us!

Data and software that work together
to empower your business.

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  • Our collection methods are both comprehensive and accurate, sourced from authoritative sources such as governments worldwide or other reliable third parties

  • We go to great lengths, not just for our clients but also ourselves. The data is updated constantly so that you can be assured of its authenticity and integrity.

  • The data is cross-referenced against existing information to eliminate discrepancies in every field.

  • Using intelligent methods including machine learning, predictive modelling and smart data mining relationships between sets of data are identified.

  • Our Software have been carefully created by following three criteria: ease-of use; natural incorporation into your business needs (i e adding value); delivering exactly what you need without any fuss whatsoever.