About Us

About Us

The Company Check is an innovative, online platform, providing users with the opportunity to discover and gather information of all Indian companies and directors, LLP, foreign companies and LLP registered in India. Our data comprises of credit reports, ROC compliances, founding members, company charges, industry trends, and other important data. If you want to learn about what a company does,their competition, financial status or market position, you’re at the right place. We help you in assimilatingall the crucial information from relevant sources that can benefit you while pursuing new possibilities.

Our Vision -

Credible information is a must and also exceptionally hard to find while making game-changing, business decisions. We endeavour to make authentic, value-added, industry-related reports available to our users so that the time you spend with us can be converted into business prowess.

Our exhaustive records consist of complete financial and non-financial data of both, public and private companies in India, LLP, foreign companies and LLP registered in India. Combining this with the best technology, we have been able to bring business narratives of every Indian company to your fingertips. And it doesn’t stop there. You can also find facts and figures on company services, directors, mutual companies and people, investors and proprietors here. Everything is just a click away. And don’t forget, all this information is verified and acquired from reliable sources such as the government-authorised MCA.

Our Mission -

Our foremost aim is to set a new standard in business analysis by creating a powerful research instrument thereby enabling every user with the correct details and statistics. The software uses algorithms to make sure that you receive the data in its simplest form so that users, regardless of their profession or qualifications, can use The Company Check to assess a certain company or director. After all, associations in business or employment cannot be made lightly.

With an analytic tool such as The Company Check, we are also attempting to educate our users about laws and regulations on how to manage and protect your business through our section on company compliances ensuring that you are penalty-free and adhere to the law. We equip our users with the business know-how to run a stable business set up with our compliances section.

In business operations, visualizing the bigger picture is a vital factor when taking decisions. We dedicate endless hours and people in an attempt to gather data. Yet somehow, the quality and availability of business information has continued to drop which is where we step in. We started by recognising the need for intelligent software to build the future of business intelligence. And hence, we have centered our product around this vision — with a new set of tools, using novel methods to connect commercial data and machine learning technology.