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  • Ezspend Prepaid Payment Solutions Private Limited

    Location New Delhi, Delhi, India

    Financial Services Professional Services

    Ezspend Prepaid Payment Solutions Private Limited was earlier known as Rxr Investment Management Private Limited, it is engaged in the business of providing services and solutions in relation to the sale of prepaid payment instruments/cards through organized retail outlets through a shop-in-shop concept for the purpose of facilitating the spending of money by its customers, for providing flexibility to its customers, to advise and assist in the usage of such instruments and other similar matters, sell cash cards through outlets at various places in collaboration with various institutions/agencies and to carry on the business of providing management services to its clients/customers in such regard.

  • Accesspay India Private Limited

    Location Kolkata, West Bengal, India

    Financial Services Service Software

    Accesspay India Private Limited was earlier known as Primalink Solutions (India) Private Limited, The company is engaged in providing payments transformation and cash management for ITV.