Ashish Jain

North East Delhi, Delhi, India


Ashish Jain, director with Nanocity Haryana Infrastructure Limited, is registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), bearing DIN 06814151. He is an Indian staying in North East Delhi, Delhi, India.
Ashish Jain is currently associated with 15 Companies and is director w

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Previous Companies

  • Amazon India Limited

    Location - East Delhi, Delhi

    Founded -December 22 1994 Company Staus -Active
  • Designation - Director

    Appoitment - 02 Nov 2015
  • Perfect Farms Private Limited

    Location - South West Delhi, Delhi

    Founded -October 08 2003 Company Staus -Active
  • Designation - Director

    Appoitment - 23 Sep 2016
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