Sampatraj Poonamchand Jain

Sampatraj Poonamchand Jain

Mumbai, Maharashtra

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Sampatraj Poonamchand Jain is registered as Director with Ministry of Corporate Affairs having DIN 00391000 and is currently associated with 3 Companies.The Total paid up capital of all companies where Sampatraj Poonamchand Jain holds active directorship is 60,134,000.00.

Sampatraj Poonamchand Jain most recent directorship is with 3 Companies. Sampatraj Poonamchand Jain holds Directorship in 3 Companies which are Active and therefore, 2 are inactive in status. Possessing a vast experience over several years, Sampatraj Poonamchand Jain bearing DIN 00391000 is not disqualified by ROC u/s 164(2).


Sampatraj Poonamchand Jain currently holds directorship in 3 Companies and has held 5 directorships.


Current Companies

Sampatraj Poonamchand Jain is associated with several companies. View more about Associated Companies.

Company Name Designation Appointment Date Capitalization

Rajesh Solvex Limited

Director 21 Dec 1989 ₹ 54,999,000.00

Mihee Herbals Private Limited

Director 04 Mar 2021 ₹ 5,000,000.00

Trinity Systel Private Limited

Director 11 Mar 2014 ₹ 135,000.00

Previous Companies

The table below gives an overview of the past associated companies of Sampatraj Poonamchand Jain.

Company Name Designation Appointment Date Capitalization

Klassic Pulses Private Limited

Director 28 Jun 2008 ₹ 2,400,000.00

Modern Besan Industries Private Limited

Director 16 Jul 2012 ₹ 100,000.00