Sanjeev D Pathak

Sanjeev D Pathak

Thanke, Maharashtra

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Sanjeev D Pathak, director with GEECEE FINCAP LIMITED, is registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), having DIN 01983509. He is an Indian staying in Thane, Maharashtra, India.

Sanjeev D Pathak was previously associated with 4 companies, Mudit Farming Private Limited, Saket Agriculture Private Limited, Geecee Logistics And Distributions Private Limited, Geecee Fincap Limited.


Sanjeev D Pathak currently holds directorship in 0 Companies and has held 4 directorships.


Current Companies

Sanjeev D Pathak is associated with several companies. View more about Associated Companies.

Previous Companies

The table below gives an overview of the past associated companies of Sanjeev D Pathak.

Company Name Designation Appointment Date Capitalization

Mudit Farming Private Limited

Director 21 Sep 2011 ₹ 100,000.00

Saket Agriculture Private Limited

Director 28 Sep 2011 ₹ 100,000.00
Geecee Logistics And Distributions Private Limited

Geecee Logistics And Distributions Private Limited

Director 16 Jul 2011 ₹ 100,000.00

Geecee Fincap Limited

Director 19 Feb 2008 ₹ 37,500,000.00