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Glaxosmithkline Pharmaceuticals Limited

Founded in 1924 headquartered in Maharashtra, India.

1924 Mumbai, Maharashtra (India) Active

  • Sunitha Maheshwari
    Sunitha Maheshwari Director
  • Sundaram Damodarannair
    Sundaram Damodarannair Director
  • Subesh Ronald Williams
    Subesh Williams Director
  • Renu Sud Karnad
    Renu Karnad Director
  • Pradeep Vasudeo Bhide
    Pradeep Bhide Director
  • Manu Anand
    Manu Anand Director
  • Bhushan Arun Akshikar
    Bhushan Akshikar Managing Director
  • Anami Narayan Prema Roy
    Anami Roy Director
  • JC

    Juby Chandy Whole-Time Director
  • AN

    Ajay Nadkarni Company Secretary

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