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Smartshift Logistics Solutions Private Limited
  • Company Status
  • Company Age 9 years 8 months
  • Last Filing with ROC 31 Mar 2023

  • Uttam Digga
    Uttam Digga Wholetime Director
  • Shailesh Lakhani
    Shailesh Lakhani Nominee Director
  • Manoj Bhat
    Manoj Bhat Director
  • PG

    Pranav Goel Wholetime Director
  • AA

    Amrita Agarwal Director
  • VR

    Vaidhehi Ravindran Director
  • PS

    Pankaj Shroff Cfo(Kmp)
  • SS

    Siddharth Sharma Company Secretary

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  • Address No A-501, A-502, B–504, B–505 And B-506, 5Th Floor, Universal Business Park, Chandivali, Andheri (E), Mumbai Maharashtra, 400072, India
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