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Transport Corporation Of India Limited

Founded in 1995 headquartered in Telangana, India.

1995 Sec'Bad - 500 003, Telangana (India) Active

  • Vineet Agarwal
    Vineet Agarwal Managing Director
  • Ravikant Uppal
    Ravikant Uppal Director
  • Gita Nayyar
    Gita Nayyar Director
  • Avinash Gupta
    Avinash Gupta Director
  • Ashish Kumar Tiwari
    Ashish Tiwari Cfo
  • VS

    Vijay Sankar Director
  • VS

    Vikrampati Singhania Director
  • DA

    Dharmpal Agarwal Managing Director
  • SA

    Satyanarayan Agarwal Director
  • CA

    Chander Agarwal Director
  • UA

    Urmila Agarwal Director
  • IS

    Ishwar Sigar Ceo
  • MT

    Manoj Tripathi Ceo
  • RS

    Ram Singh Ceo
  • AP

    Archana Pandey Company Secretary

People Timeline

The graph below depicts the timeline of people holding key positions in Transport Corporation Of India Limited.


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  • Address Q No 306/307 3Rf Floor1-8-271-273 301 Ashok Bhoopal Chambers, Sp Road India, Sec'bad - 500 003 Telangana, India
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