Professor Exports Private Limited

Professor Exports Private Limited

Founded in 1992 headquartered in Madhya Pradesh, India.

1992 Indore, Madhya Pradesh (India) Active


Basic Data Updated:

5 months ago
Professor Exports Private Limited (PEPL) is a Private Limited Indian Non-Government Company incorporated in India on 04 June 1992 and has a history of 32 years. Its registered office is in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India.

The Company is engaged in the Financial Services Industry.

The Company's status is Active, and it has filed its Annual Returns and Financial Statements up until 31 March 2021. It's a company limited by shares with an authorized capital of Rs 15.00 Lakh and a paid-up capital of Rs 13.99 Lakh.

The Corporate has already closed loans amounting to ₹40.00 Lakh, and has no open charges as per the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) records.

Dhanna Goyal and Sunil Goyal serve as directors at the Company.


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    Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

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Company No.007132
Company ClassificationPrivate Limited Indian Non-Government Company
Incorporation Date04 Jun 1992
Date of AGM30 Nov 2021
Date of Balance Sheet31 Mar 2021
Listing StatusUnlisted
ROC CodeRoc Gwalior

Financials of Professor Exports Private Limited


Professor Exports Private Limited, for the financial year ended 2017, experienced no change in revenue, with a 0% increase. The company also saw a no change in profitability, with a 0% increase in profit. The company's net worth witnessed no change by increase of 0%.

Corporate Structure


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People in Professor Exports Private Limited

Executive Team (1)

  • DG

    Dhanna Goyal In Managing Director

    Appointment Date: 04-Jun-1992

    Status: Current

Board Members(1)

Charges (Loans)

Satisfied Charges

₹40.00 Lakh


State Bank Of Travancore

Creation Date: 28 Nov 2001
₹1.00 MSatisfied

State Bank Of Travancore

Creation Date: 21 Dec 1998
₹3.00 MSatisfied

Deals i


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Recent activity within the organization

  • Activity

    Annual General Meeting

    Professor Exports Private Limited last Annual general meeting of members was held on 30 Nov 2021 as per latest MCA records.

    30 Nov 2021
  • Activity

    Balance Sheet

    Professor Exports Private Limited has filed its annual Financial statements for the year ended 31 Mar 2021 with Roc Gwalior.

    31 Mar 2021
  • Activity


    A charge registered on 21 Dec 1998 via Charge ID 80013102 with State Bank Of Travancore was fully satisfied on 17 Mar 2009.

    17 Mar 2009
  • Activity


    A charge registered on 28 Nov 2001 via Charge ID 90208965 with State Bank Of Travancore was fully satisfied on 13 Mar 2009.

    13 Mar 2009
  • Activity


    A charge with State Bank Of Travancore of Rs. 10.00 Lakh registered on 28 Nov 2001 with Charge ID 90208965 was modified on 28 Aug 2004.

    28 Aug 2004

Frequently asked questions

What is the Incorporation or founding date of Professor Exports Private Limited?

Professor Exports Private Limited was incorporated 32 years 16 days ago on 04 Jun 1992 with Registrar of Companies Roc Gwalior.

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