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  • Darpan Denims Private Limited

    Location Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

    Appreal & Fashion Textile

    Darpan Denims Private Limited is engaged in the business of manufacture, trade in wholesale and retail market of denim fibers, export, and yarns of filaments and in fabrics.

  • General Denim Private Limited

    Location Surat, Gujarat, India

    Appreal & Fashion Textile

    General Denim Private Limited was earlier known as General Denims Private Limited, it was formed to operate the business of manufacturing, rayon, synthetic fibers, cloth, cotton, worsted, polyester, importing, silk, exporting and dealing in textiles, staple fibers, art silk, linen, hemp and other fiber materials, buying, selling, rayon and other goods or merchandise whether textile felted, yarn, denim, nylon, wool, netted or looped.