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Rbl Finserve Limited

  • Company Status
  • Company Age 16 years 1 month
  • Last Filing with ROC 31 Mar 2023

  • Anal Jain Kumar
    Anal Kumar Director
  • VM

    Veena Mankar Director
  • PR

    Palepu Rao Director
  • DK

    Deepak Kumar Nominee Director
  • VR

    Vijay Ramamoorthy Nominee Director
  • NC

    Nirmal Chand Director
  • KG

    Kingshuk Guha Wholetime Director
  • AM

    Ajit Mehta Cfo(Kmp)
  • MC

    Mittali Christachary Company Secretary

People Timeline

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  • Address 401, Lotus Corporate Park, Cts No.185/8, Graham Firth Compound, Wst Exp Highway, Goregaon E, Mumbai Maharashtra, 400063, India
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