Anshu Govind Garg

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Anshu Govind Garg, director with STAR INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, is registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), bearing DIN AMSPG0129Q. Anshu Govind Garg is currently associated with 2 Companies and is As a Company Secretary with Novi Digital Entertainment Private Limited, S

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Current Companies

  • Star India Private Limited

    Location - Mumbai, Maharashtra

    Founded -February 08 1994 Company Staus -Active
  • Designation - Company Secretary

    Appoitment - 26 Nov 2019

Previous Companies

  • Samc Services Private Limited

    Location - Chennai, Tamil Nadu

    Founded -October 11 2004 Company Staus -Active
  • Designation - Key Managerial Personnel

    Appoitment - 11 Jul 2011