Pankaj Garg

Pankaj Garg

Delhi, Delhi

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Pankaj Garg is registered as Director with Ministry of Corporate Affairs having DIN 00001338 and is currently associated with 5 Companies.The Total paid up capital of all companies where Pankaj Garg holds active directorship is 20,194,950.00.

Pankaj Garg most recent directorship is with 5 Companies. Pankaj Garg holds Directorship in 5 Companies which are Active and therefore, 5 are inactive in status. Possessing a vast experience over several years, Pankaj Garg bearing DIN 00001338 is not disqualified by ROC u/s 164(2).


Pankaj Garg currently holds directorship in 5 Companies and has held 10 directorships.


Current Companies

Pankaj Garg is associated with several companies. View more about Associated Companies.

Company Name Designation Appointment Date Capitalization

Downhill Dealcom Private Limited

Director 03 Oct 2015 ₹ 336,250.00

Annex Dealtrade Private Limited

Director 03 Oct 2015 ₹ 337,500.00

Viksit Trexim Pvt Ltd

Director 03 Oct 2015 ₹ 18,921,200.00

Golden Doctors Farm Agro Foods Private Limited

Director 21 Sep 2020 ₹ 500,000.00

Tanishq Realtech Private Limited

Director 05 Oct 2015 ₹ 100,000.00

Previous Companies

The table below gives an overview of the past associated companies of Pankaj Garg.

Company Name Designation Appointment Date Capitalization

Bhandari Financial Services (P) Ltd.

Director 30 Sep 2008 ₹ 9,395,100.00

Xperia Buildcon Private Limited

Additional Director 05 Oct 2015 ₹ 500,000.00

Nimbus Multicommodity Brokers Private Limited

Director 13 Sep 2010 ₹ 6,400,000.00

Hepta Developers Private Limited

Director 11 Mar 2001 ₹ 4,891,700.00

Rcj Investment Trust Private Limited

Director 17 Dec 2007 ₹ 21,972,130.00