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Trf Limited.

Founded in 1962 headquartered in Jharkhand, India.

1962 East Singhbhum, Jharkhand (India) Active

  • Ranaveer Sinha
    Ranaveer Sinha Director
  • Ramya Hariharan
    Ramya Hariharan Director
  • Krishnava Satyaki Dutt
    Krishnava Dutt Director
  • Avneesh Gupta
    Avneesh Gupta Director
  • Anand Chand
    Anand Chand Cfo
  • SN

    Sanjib Nanda Director
  • AD

    Ansuman Das Director
  • US

    Umesh Singh Managing Director
  • PB

    Prasun Banerjee Company Secretary

People Timeline

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  • Address 11, Station Road, Burmamines, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand Jharkhand, 831007, India
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