Saket Burman

Saket Burman

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Saket Burman is registered as Director with Ministry of Corporate Affairs having DIN 05208674 and is currently associated with 3 Companies.The Total paid up capital of all companies where Saket Burman holds active directorship is 1,780,309,627.00.

Saket Burman most recent directorship is with 3 Companies. Saket Burman holds Directorship in 3 Companies which are Active and therefore, 0 are inactive in status. Possessing a vast experience over several years, Saket Burman bearing DIN 05208674 is not disqualified by ROC u/s 164(2).


Saket Burman currently holds directorship in 3 Companies and has held 3 directorships.


Current Companies

Saket Burman is associated with several companies. View more about Associated Companies.

Company Name Designation Appointment Date Capitalization

Dabur India Limited

Director 31 Jan 2012 ₹ 1,767,851,627.00

Chowdry Associates

Director 11 Jul 2013 ₹ 11,458,000.00

Ritz Private Limited

Director 03 May 2018 ₹ 1,000,000.00