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  • Company Status
  • Company Age 77 years 11 months
  • Last Filing with ROC 31 Mar 2023

  • Thierry Delaporte
    Thierry Delaporte Managing Director and Ceo(Kmp)
  • Rishad Premji Azim
    Rishad Azim Wholetime Director
  • Patrick Lucien Andre Dupuis
    Patrick Dupuis Director
  • Patrick John Ennis
    Patrick Ennis Director
  • Deepak Madhav Satwalekar
    Deepak Satwalekar Director
  • Azim Premji Hasham
    Azim Hasham Director
  • KS

    Kannan Srinivasa Additional Director
  • TN

    Tulsi Naidu Director
  • PF

    Paivi Fleischer Director
  • AI

    Aparna Iyer Cfo(Kmp)
  • MK

    M Khan Company Secretary

People Timeline

The graph below depicts the timeline of people holding key positions in Wipro Limited.


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  • Address Doddakannelli,Sarjapur Road, Bangalore-35, Bangalore Karnataka, 560035, India
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